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I enquiry by mail about hiring a party bus for a matric dance, Doug came back to say he has a 18 seater for Rx.We had telephonic discussions and I asked where I could view the party bus pictures, which were on the web site [URL Removed] Aft receiving the quote I paid in full up front and sent the details.

On the evening -much excitement - a 'bus' arrives, very pleasant driver, BUT not what I had ordered. On contacting Doug! I was told he did not commit to a party bus and he does not have an 18 seater party bus, I should read my mails, and if I am not clear ask! How much clearer is an enquiry for a party bus and a response from supplier to say have an 18 seater, as a consumer who is not in the bus/car rental trade!

Am I to know he did not mean a party bus and I should ask, when that is EXACTLY what I 'ordered'!

To top it off Doug was arrogant and condescending!

Had Doug bothered to say right up front that he misunderstood and has made an error, what could I really say? Instead the arrogant man says I am a mother over reacting and that he has provided a good service! REALLY DOUG?

Where I come from good service is delivering what a customer asks for!NOT RECOMMENDED

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